Mission-Vision and Values

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Misyon Vizyon ve Değerler

Our university has undertaken the missions to offer education which is suitable to our country’s and nation’s essential values and strategical aims; to educate culturally well equipped, investigative and productive individuals; to cooperate with rural and regional institutions and establishments; to contribute to the economical, social, cultural, artistic and sporting developments of its members and the community that it belongs to; to create academic works, in harmony with the city, region, country and the world, which are not only affected by them but also have the power to affect and orient them; to be instrumental in the general enlightenment based on the logic and science. 


Vision of Giresun University is to become a harbor of knowledge internationally important in tomorrow’s  educational, scientific and technological world which will be formed by the upcoming changes and developments; additionally to come forward with the academic/scientific works especially in social sciences in Blacksea basin and become a university well known in this field.


Loyalty to Turkish Republic, Turkish nation and Ataturk’s principles and revolutions, being scientific, universality, usefulness to community, modernity, creativity, participation, reliability. 

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